A Quick Guide to Hiring and Understanding Millennials

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Hiring Millennials

A recent survey by Robert Half International reported that nearly fifty percent of business executives are concerned about the upcoming exodus of baby boomers from the workforce. Many businesses are preparing for the inevitable by recruiting the next big wave of workers, the millennial generation. Millennials, also known as “Gen Y”, are now responsible for the majority of the workforce at 89 million strong. However, our youngest generation of professionals have different values and priorities when it comes to work. If you are looking into recruiting this demographic, make sure you are well versed in where to find them and what attracts them to businesses.

Working with  Millennials

Technology. Younger job seekers view technology as the norm, not as an innovation. They’ve used it throughout their education and early careers and consider it essential to work. They will expect the company they work with to be using new forms of technology and software.

Performance. They thrive when they are rewarded for each of their efforts, rather than continually going above and beyond and waiting for seniority. Make sure that when you do capture a millennial worker, you praise them or acknowledge their hard work or innovation.

Learning. Millennials thrive on learning. Because they grew up in a time of rapid change and consistent knowledge acquisition, they are constantly face the desire to learn new things and expand their knowledge base.

Feedback. Due to their age and relative inexperience, young workers may lack confidence in their abilities. Make sure that you give them both positive and negative feedback so they know they are moving in the right direction.

Balance. They want to work for employers that provide flexible work arrangements and allow them to balance their personal and professional lives. Millennials are most creative and happy when they feel like they have a solid work life balance. Happy creative employees mean you are getting the best work when they are in the office.

Attracting Millennial Workers

Peer influence. Leverage your current millennial employee to connect with young candidates, both in person and online. Career fairs, friend referrals, and conventions, bring your current millennial employees along, they do the best recruiting.

Accessibility. The younger the generation, the more likely they are to use mobile technology to search for jobs. Make it easy for them to find your available positions and apply right from a phone or tablets.

Meaningfulness. Consistently want to get involved with something in addition to their salaries: that rather intangible benefit. They want to be a part of the big picture of making this world a little bit better of a place.

Authenticity. You will develop relationships by humanizing the brand as part of the recruitment and hiring process. Have real employee team photos of the website, images of the office environment and a strong presence that shows the “behind the science” of the company on your social media channels.

Value. Show them that your company will provide value and that it stands above the rest. The last thing a millennial wants to do is work for a company that doesn’t take the time to value themselves. Millennials want to attach themselves to a company that they feel represents their core values. In order for them to determine that, you will need to make sure this is clear both online, and when meeting with a millennial in person.

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