In Over Your Head? Our Temp Staffing Experts Are on Your Team

We know how it is. Finding qualified staff to keep the workflow running, and boost your bottom line, is not for the faint of heart. When you have to deal with employee absences, illness, disability leave, or, let’s face it, sheer lack of compatibility or work ethic, you struggle.

Core Staffing Solutions serves as your one-stop source to help navigate the challenges of skeleton crews, underqualified persons, and supervisor management resources. We dedicate ourselves to providing the rapid-deployment of talent and human resources operations to companies who need high-volume fulfillment in the light industrial, clerical, professional, financial, and medical fields, to name but a few.

Don’t have the tools to properly manage a workforce? No problem – we have you covered there, too. We’ll provide time clocks, apps, benefits packages, competitive salary proposals, risk management, safety issue awareness, and required training. With Core Staffing Solutions, you can quit losing workers and money, and start rebuilding your success from the inside out.

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Searching for a trustworthy temp - to - hire agency? Discover the Core Staffing Way

We Handle It, So You Can Run Your Business

At Core Staffing Solutions, we run a tight ship. Comprized of staffing professionals throughout California and the western United States, we help you get your company running in the most efficient manner possible.

Core Efficiency

Let Your Company Shine with Urgent Staffing Services

The services we provide will transform your company; we’ll take you from wading in the red, to thriving above previous profit margins. After a personal consultation about your company’s values, culture, and objectives, we’ll:

License and train qualified workers
Overbook qualified temp staff to ensure that someone shows up to get the job done
Provide HR expertise throughout the hiring and employment process
Set up on-site offices at your establishment to fully oversee hiring and team management
Conduct ongoing safety training and specialized safety licensing

We also offer top competitive insurance packages for you to choose from and can service all NAIC codes.


Other comprehensive human
resources services we offer

Detailed Reporting Testing
Track Success

Our in-depth reporting system is designed to provide a clear understanding of your temporary staffing expenditures and use. Our reports cover all essential staffing metrics, including fill rate and turnover. By issuing these reports, we help you learn to move ahead with improved programs and processes.

Comprehensive Assessments
Results-driven testing is the next step. We work with Kenexa Provelt testing software to systematically identify, select, and hire the most qualified employees. Provelt was developed by industry experts, and its simulation-based assessments are powerful tools that closely mirror the real-world work environment. With access to more than 800 validated assessments, we can test a wide range of skills and competencies in the clerical, software, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal, and technical fields. Looking for a specific job position? Check out our comprehensive list of employment coverage.