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Tips for Hiring Temporary Employees

According to a new research report from CareerBuilder, temp jobs are expected to grow by 13% over the next five years.  Nearly three million people are currently employed in temporary jobs in the United States. Find out why more companies are hiring temporary employees.

When running a company whether it is a start-up or a fortune 500 company, a business owner is always looking to increase their overall bottom line and ensure the company is always in the black. We can bet there isn’t a C-level executive out there that isn’t looking to reduce overall workplace budgets. Business owners and C-level executives are continuously looking to readjust staffing levels by hiring part-time or temporary employees. Some of the fast growing jobs for temp workers include home health aides, childcare workers, cooks and substitute teachers.

Why is hiring temporary vs full time employees becoming a commonality?

Health care reform:  Many small businesses and those that most commonly hire minimum wage employees are cutting full-time staff to avoid having to pay for health care. Required healthcare coverage for full-time employees quickly gets expensive for a company especially when you factor in training time, workers compensation insurance, maternity leave, overtime, and other occurrences that quickly rack up extra costs to the company.

“By hiring part-time workers who put in less than 30 hours per week, employers can avoid a mandate dictated by the new health reform law: either provide expensive health insurance or pay a fine equal to $2,000 per worker.” – John Goodman President of the National Center for Policy Analysis

Freelance Workforce: As Silicon-Valley start-ups grows and being an entrepreneur becomes a more lucrative career we are beginning to see drastic changes in how “employees” are hired and working. Start-ups want to keep costs low and employees happy. They are doing this by hiring freelance specialists and they are doing this for a multitude of reasons. What more could a start-up with low capital want than keeping costs low and moral up? Freelance workers are reported to have higher work moral due to having freedom of choice of who they work with, where they work and what tasks they take on.
Tips for Hiring Temporary Employees

Boldness: When you find the right candidate, don’t second guess or wait around just in case something better comes along. Before you realize it you will blink and that employee will have already moved on. When you find your candidate take the necessary steps to get them started. Much like how you are interviewing multiple candidates, that employee is also interviewing multiple employers.

Focus: In order to hire your perfect employee you will need to clearly spell out what the duties and job responsibilities will be for the position you are hiring. By doing this you are ensuring that the employee knows what is required of them. This will also help recruiters narrow down and weed out employees that do not meet your required job duties or restrictions.

Precision:  When utilizing a staffing agency make sure you are clear and concise when communicating your company’s needs. The staffing agency needs to hear your picture perfect candidate and what your expectations will be for that employee. Understand that if you want the ideal employee, you are going to need to pay for them. No one worth your money will be cheap.

Share ability: Let your agency know everything about your company and its culture. Share with them how your team is structured, what your company vision it, and what type of employee you wish to attract. By doing this they can not only use this to find you the right employee but also so they can sell your company to the right person. Keep in mind by sharing everything about your brand and its identity you are letting that recruiter in and they will better be able to represent your needs as a whole.

Uniqueness: If you are looking for a highly qualified employee that is going to love working for you and will stick around consider sharing what makes your company different. What sets you apart from your competition? What does your company do to keep moral high? What fun events or perks do you have for your employees? Do you work like Google or Blizzard where you allow employees to work wherever they want at your facility? Do you have a bar they can enjoy or weekly lunch catering? Remember, if they are all you think they are – they probably have multiple offers on the table -give them more of a reason to work for you other than a higher salary.


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